Using the latest CAD/CAM design software, Lakecast is able to create and produce virtually anything, in almost any material by using our CNC machines...

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As a reputable and experienced mold manufacturer, Lakecast can produce aluminum molds for vacuum, rotational, rim or blow forming as well as any prototype ren board model that is required.  

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Aluminum Castings

To ensure full quality control, we make our own aluminum castings in house for our molds.  But we also produce castings for our customers, from high volume production of small castings to large or small low volume or custom one off parts. 

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Lakecast Ltd is a custom aluminum and non ferrous castings foundry and moldmaker in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada,  producing aluminum alloy castings for industrial or commercial applications bram.
Lakecast also specializes in molds for plastics forming such as vacuum, rotational or prototype forming and pattern making of master molds for layup.

Lakecast, has produced and finished aluminium and brass castings and molds for various industries over the years, including aerospace, marine, medical, automotive, firefighting, civil and general consumer products.

Lakecast Ltd provides services to customers in Canada and the United States and can provide high or low volume production, one off custom parts, fully cnc machined and assembled to your needs. Please contact us if we can be of service to your company.

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Lakecast Limited
520 Ecclestone Drive
Bracebridge, Ontario
Canada P1L 1R2

Toll Free: 1-855-645-5573
Local 705-645-5573