About Us

Ian Stewart, president of Lakecast Ltd., recently relocated from Bram Ont, to the heart of Muskoka, to start a custom aluminum castings foundry.  Preferring the beautiful lakes, forests and small town setting as a place to raise a family.  Lakecast Ltd. is located in Bracebridge, only 90 minutes north of Toronto in cottage country.

Ian has over 25 years of experience in the mold making, machining, production and aluminum casting foundry industry. After a couple years away from the industry, Ian recognized the requirement from previous customers for a quality mold maker and aluminum foundry in the industry. Lakecast was established in 2011, since then, progress has led to producing aluminium castings for customers that also required aluminum components to be made.

Over the years, Ian has produced and finished production and prototype parts for various industries including; aerospace, marine, medical, automotive, firefighting, civil and general consumer products.

Lakecast Ltd. looks forward to helping you with your needs.