Aluminum Castings

To ensure full quality control, Lakecast produces our own custom aluminum castings in our foundry for our various types of plastics forming molds, this allows us greater control of the product from start to finish.  Lakecast also produces castings for customers that require high or low volume custom castings to be made, from a few ounces up to 600lbs, in aluminum.   From large aluminum castings, to small ornamental castings, and vice versa, we can provide all components in house, as a one stop shop.

Using our Palmer continuous mixer, Lakecast is able to mold and cast large difficult shapes up to 600lbs and ensure a sound casting with a finish that can be sanded, polished, or fully machined.

If your company requires higher volume, small or intricate detailed parts, Lakecast can produce castings from a permanent mold which can provide holes or recesses as cast to save on machining, as well as a smoother finish out of the mould.  Permanent molds allow a casting weight from ounces to approximately 40lbs, from hundreds to thousands of pieces.   

Lakecast pours two main aluminum alloys, A356.2s strontium modified, and 713.1, a self aging alloy.  If you require a specialty alloy, we would be open to your needs.

If additional finishing is required such as coatings, heat treating, anodizing, or sandblasting, we can outsource that service and act as a single source supplier .

We would be happy to quote on any of your aluminum casting requirements.