Molds for plastics

As an experienced mold maker, Lakecast can produce aluminum molds for vacuum, rotational, rim or blow forming. Loose parts, pullbacks, or undercuts are not an issue, and can all be incorporated into your mold. 

Need a prototype first?  We can provide you with a renshape or styrofoam prototype cut to your 3D model so you can approve your part before manufacturing the production mold.  

Lakecast also produces all types of tooling for the foundry industry.  Metal, wood or epoxy matchplates, core boxes, loose patterns, foam, wax and polyurethane patterns. 

We manufacture all of our permanent molds in house, in tool steel or cast iron, single or multi-cavity dies, as cost effective as possible for the customer's needs.

Lakecast Ltd tries to ensure that any product or part that we produce, contains North American made components, we do this to support local suppliers across North America.

Lakecast stands behind what we make, contact us for a quote.